About us

We are a dedicated team, which is specialized within the service sector on individual solutions for our clients.

It is our goal to put your customer wishes into practice in such way, that your organization receives a good administrative structure – either optimize the existing or create a totally new one – , to achieve efficiency, productivity and growth in your organization.

We cooperate with other service companies in different countries, so we can help you also to expand your organization into other parts of the world.

Integrity, authenticity, honesty and good stewardship belong to our business principals.

Company Management

Rosi Blissenbach, founder and CEO of Service Agency International (sole proprietship) can rely on many years of experience in the area of Non-Profit-Organizations – in administrative operations as well as fundraising and other activities.

Her work as CEO of a Swiss association in the canton of Bern started 1995.

Through this job she was soon requested by other associations for her administrative skills, so that she started working for different associations at the same time – first just in the administrative area and management and later also in the area of fundraising, customer support, event management and travel organization.

Meanwhile different Non-Profit-Organizations from Switzerland and abroad belong to her clients, for which Rosi Blissenbach either founded a Swiss entity to build it up or took over the management of the existing organization to develop and expand it.

Our Clients