“The Service Agency International, led by Mrs. Rosi Blissenbach, has brought our association Feed the Hungry Switzerland  on a professional and future oriented course. She as CEO has helped our entity to an appealing public appearance with great compentence and personal commitment while at the same time she accomplishes efficient work with great know-how in all business areas. I can recommend this agency with full conviction and we will make use of it furthermore.”

Peter Hasler is President of the charitable association Feed the Hungry Switzerland.

“We hereby declare that Mrs. Rosi Blissenbach seated in Spiez, Switzerland is our associate and CEO for the Swiss department of Heart for Children International.

My working relationship with Mrs. Blissenbach goes back to 2004 in various organizations and I do know her as a special reliable and steady personality.

In the short time since Heart for Children in Switzerland is founded she scored high in effectivity, efficiency, operational reliability, quite involved and purpose driven.

She is a great traffic manager and a very valued co-worker. Representing our Foundation Heart for Children International and working as a CEO pioneering for us in Switzerland.

We have high expectations of her making our Foundation that is helping abandoned and orphaned children a great success in Switzerland!”

Louis Pool is Founder of the Foundation Heart for Children International.

“If it’s about the organization of a seminar or about the reliable distribution of a correspondence course in Pastoral Care, if it’s about advertisement, creative ideas or manifold administrative tasks: with Rosi Blissenbach and her team I have had just positive experiences. I highly recommend the skills, expert  knowledge, reliable workflow and exemplary commitment of Mrs. Blissenbach and her team to every Christian Organization.”

Walter Nitsche is Training Manager and Boardmember of AsB (Committee of Pastoral Counselors).

“When cpd (Christian Partner-Service) moved its office from Switzerland to Germany, we needed a reliable, professional partner, who would handle the organizational necessities of our prospective Swiss clients and participants effectively and dependably. With Rosi Blissenbach and her team we have found this partner and we are very happy and thankful for that. From advertisement to processing of informational requests the team in Spiez is handling all tasks to our maximum satisfaction.”

Iris Nitsche is Teamleader of cpd.

“Thank you very much for your great commitment  for  Powerful Living (Kraftvoll LEBEN). You are really such a fantastic team and it’s a pleasure to work together with you. Mrs. Blissenbach, we are very thankful for your dedication, support, for all your knowledge and Know-how, especially for your advisory service and expertise within the Swiss legal areas.”

Andreas Herrmann is Founder of Kraftvoll LEBEN and CZW Wiesbaden.

“Rosi Blissenbach has been a valuable partner for many years in serving Christian ministries with their accounting, database and fulfillment needs.  We know that we can fully trust her to serve ministries well with exceptionally reliable service, including timely and accurate handling of all details.  I couldn’t recommend Rosi more highly.”

Rick Dunham is Founder and President of Dunham & Company, USA.

Heinz Strupler

“In my role as president and chairman of Hour of Power in Switzerland I have worked more than 10 years with Rosi Blissenbach and later with the whole team. I can say that she was always reliable in all things regarding the association. I could always fully trust her administration and management as CEO of all issues of the Swiss Hour of Power. Mrs. Blissenbach was able through her knowledge to bring Hour of Power, which was dependent on the financial help from the ‚US mother‘, to a self-supporting TV ministry on a Swiss TV channel.

I can recommend Mrs. Blissenbach and her team to every organization.”

Heinz Strupler is Founder of Hour of Power in Switzerland.

John Townend

In February 2002 Mrs. Blissenbach took over our ministries’ operations in Switzerland. Before Mrs. Blissenbach the ministry was run on a part time home office set up relying on a continental subtitled satellite telecast version of Hour of Power.

Mrs. Blissenbach set up a professional fulltime office and built a management and fundraising capacity for the ministry. Mrs. Blissenbach later found, negotiated and secured an on air weekly timeslot for Hour of Power on a Swiss television channel with German voice over translations. The end result is that Mrs. Blissenbach has taken a US subsidised ministry to a self supporting ministry that is effectively ministering to the Swiss people.

I cannot recommend Mrs. Blissenbach too highly in her ability to take a foreign television ministry and adapt it to local Swiss requirements and ensuring it is a powerful outreach for Jesus Christ in that country.

Mrs. Blissenbach adapted our ministry marketing and fundraising to the local Swiss market. She has overseen and fulfilled the requirements of the Swiss and Canton statutory codes ensuring we comply. We have required and Mrs. Blissenbach has carried out office location, selection and rental all within budget and other efficiencies we have asked of her. We have experienced the same diligent and sound advice in staffing, office management, reporting and purchasing.

We have had outreaches to Switzerland with Dr Schuller and other ministry leaders as well as local events and meetings for viewers and supporters of Hour of Power. Mrs. Blissenbach has overseen, advised and organized these events including venue selection, program planning and design, itineraries, hosting, ministry response and needs, finances, promotion and the many other detailed activities required to have meaningful and worthwhile events that can build supporter relationships and income for the ministry.

Mrs. Blissenbach has an expertise and a passion to build the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in Switzerland and has dedicated her energies, skills and working career to fulfilling this need in an honest, cooperative, intelligent Christian way. We look forward to an ongoing and fruitful ministry led by Mrs. Blissenbach in Switzerland for many years to come and recommend her highly to other ministries who want to have an outreach in Switzerland.

John Townend was Director of International Ministries of Hour of Power & Crystal Cathedral Ministries.

Robert H. Schuller (1926-2015)

I have always believed this ministry has been successful because God provided the right person for leadership at the right time. For this ministry in your country you are that person, and I’m so grateful for all you do.”

Robert H. Schuller was Founder of Hour of Power & Crystal Cathedral Ministries, USA.